Who doesn’t know Adam Levine for BENCH?
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“Adam Levine is crazy ass hot. I mean CRAZY ASS HOT! I don’t know a single woman in this country that does not want to have this done to her by Adam.” — Candifier

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Uhm…confession time: I did not know Adam Levine until Ginggay texted me this secret invite last week. He could be sitting next to me on a plane and I wouldn’t know who he is.


Wasn’t sure I could make it. But Rem came over to visit while I was cleaning my study room. She went through a pile of magazines I was getting rid of, including this one I bought at JFK airport.

US september cover

I actually bought it for Grace, but when I looked inside I got bored.
So Rem grabs the magazine and zeroes in on Adam Levine and starts gushing. I asked her to explain and she says he’s the front man of Maroon 5 and she’s flying to Singapore to watch because tickets got sold out in Manila.
I told her in secret that BENCH got him as their newest endorser and showed her the secret invite.
Next I heard this deafening hyena in my ear. My eardrums nearly DIED. I covered my ears and asked the maid to please get rid of her, but Rem couldn’t get a hold of herself. So I texted Lawrence of Bench and asked if I could take her to the media event. Lawrence said yes.
Adam Levine for BENCH

When news of Adam Levine for BENCH trended on Twitter, many people started asking if I had access. Luckily Bench gave me 10 meet and greet passes at SMX, which I gave out to 5 Twitter followers (2 tickets each).
Then yesterday I asked my kids if they knew Adam Levine. The boys were impressed when I said I was going to see him at The Peninsula. They took out their iPads and played his songs for me. That was my sign that Adam Levine is indeed *duh* famous.
Fast forward to Salon de Ning earlier this evening. Rem she wore heels and got a home blowdry care of Lorie.

Rem de Vera

Raymond Gutierrez hosted and warmed up the crowd

Raymond Gutierrez

He spoke to Bench CEO Ben Chan, who was proud to announce Adam Levine as their newest endorser

Raymond Gutierrez talks to Ben Chan

Then Adam Levine came out

Rem, who follows his tweets said Adam and the band arrived today in Manila.
I heard he had a photo shoot with Mark Nicdao and had one-on-one interviews with media. (I declined because I knew nothing about him prior to this day.)
Oh, I actually found out I know at least one song by Maroon 5.

Raymond did a good interview although Adam seemed a bit tired given his full schedule.
I thought his candidness was refreshing. Wish I could’ve video’ed the whole interview, but I wanted to enjoy looking at him instead of an LCD screen.

Adam Levine for BENCH
Adam Levine's tattoo
Adam Levine for BENCH
Adam Levine for BENCH
Adam Levine for BENCH
Adam Levine for BENCH
Adam Levine's tattoos
Adam Levine for BENCH

So now I know who Adam Levine is, and thanks to Bench for hosting a great launch.

Adam Levine for BENCH

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