No wifi, no life
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This past week our internet at home conked out and my kids got really upset.
At the same time, my SIM card died. The landline was dead. The water pump got busted, and our aircon was dripping.
You’d think Mercury was in retrograde—but only in our house.
It was hell being a house manager while trying to recover from my surgery.
To fix the internet, I made a few tweets to @PLDThome, but it took them about five days to fix the problem. Apparently a fiber optic was corroded.
My SIM card was replaced the next day through my dad’s secretary and account officer.
Our driver was able to fix the water pump by himself, and the aircon guys arrived the next day.
Prior to repair, the kids were feeling withdrawal from internet, so I took them to our small apartment at the Shangri-La and stayed there until 8 PM for two days.

The boys in the apartment

I can’t tell you how traumatized I’ve been this last week.
The solution: get a backup internet from another company—one in our room and one in the kids’ room.
We also have two landlines now.
Long before wifi and cellphones, we had three landlines at my parents’ house. Back in the day there was only PLDT and it wasn’t easy to get a line. You kind of had to have connections to get a phone number.
Telephone lines would easily conk out, especially if it was raining, so it was important to have a backup line.
During that time, no telephone, no life.

Nowadays people don’t care much for the landline, but I still prefer to use one when having a conversation.
So after this week’s trauma, I found myself breathing a sigh of relief at the thought that we now have two wifis at home—both with speeds of 7 mbps. If one conks out, I’ll have a backup, and I never have to go through that suffering again.
Unless of course both conk out at the same time, then we’ll just go to the apartment.
Didn’t realize how important wifi was until only this week. No wifi, no life.

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