No credit card? Now you can buy from App store and iTunes using your Smart phone
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Personally, I can’t live without credit cards.
But did you know that credit card penetration in the Philippines is only at 3%?
That means there are less than 1 million credit card users in the Philippines.
This limits Filipinos who would like to purchase certain items online.
It is for this this reason that Smart Communications Inc. has launched Pay-With-Mobile, a service that allows subscribers to buy apps, games, books, magazines, music, and movies from the App Store and iTunes even without a credit card.


“Not everyone owns a credit card but that shouldn’t stop people from realizing the full potential of their mobile devices. This is why we have worked hard to bring this groundbreaking service to Filipino users, which we believe will further revolutionize the way they enjoy their favorite lifestyle apps and content on their devices,” said Charles Lim, EVP and Wireless Consumer Division Head at Smart.
Starting February 16, 2015 with full availability by February 18, Smart postpaid and prepaid subscribers can purchase app downloads, in-app purchases, and digital content using Pay-With-Mobile.

Here’s how:
1) First, you need to have a Smart iPhone.
2 Text REG to 4949.
3) You will receive your Pay-With-Mobile number, security code and other details.
4) On your iPhone, go to Settings and click on your Apple ID.
5) View your Apple ID and click on Payment Information. Select Mastercard.
6) Enter your Pay-With-Mobile number and other details, in the corresponding fields.
Once the card number is associated with the account, you can start purchasing apps, games, movies and music on your phone. This includes in-app purchases for games like Candy Crush and Clash of Clans.
7) The service will deduct your purchases plus a 15% convenience charge from your prepaid load or add it on to your monthly postpaid bill.

To know more about how to use Smart’s Pay-With-Mobile service, visit


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