New World Hotel gets a makeover
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My friend Sayoko likes to stay at the New World Hotel, Makati whenever she’s in town.
I heard that they renovated, and the rumor is true—it looks good!
Well, at least they’ve started. Part of the lobby is still barricaded in plywood.
First of all, I love the new sign! There’s a cute detection dog at the entrance.

New World Hotel

Sniffing some new arrivals

Dog at work


New World Hotel doggie

Jude and I dropped off Sayoko and Kay at the lobby

New World Hotel

and spotted something we don’t usually see in Manila—a nice flower shop!

New World Hotel
New World Hotel
New World Hotel

I’m interested in one of the function rooms on the ground floor. I think I’ve found my dream kitchen

New World Hotel

Art in the lobby

New World Hotel

A grand staircase leading to the mezzanine and ballroom

New World Hotel

I used the restrooms on the mezzanine—very nice. Too shy to take a picture.
On the main lobby the restrooms have yet to be renovated.
I also asked Sayoko if the guest rooms were also new. She said not yet, so I hope they spend on the guest rooms—not just the bedrooms, but the also restrooms. I hope the new rooms reflect the beauty of the lobby.

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