Nandito Ako premieres this Monday on TV5
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The much-waited mini-serye Nandito Ako, starring David Archuleta alongside Jasmine Curtis Smith and Eula Caballero, premieres February 20, 2012 on TV5.
David Archuleta plays Josh Bradley, an international singer who holds his final leg of concerts in the Philippines.
He meets Holly (Eula Caballero) during one of his promotional activities, and through her meets her best friend, Anya (Jasmine Curtis Smith), a boyish and carefree lass.
Nandito Ako

Nandito Ako tells the story of young love and its joys and pains. Will Josh fall for Anya instead of Holly?
Find out as Nandito Ako airs this Monday after Wil Time Big Time and back-to-back with Valiente.

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