My take on Vhong Navarro
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Not a few people have been asking me: “What’s your take on Vhong Navarro?”
For one thing, I was in Singapore when it happened. The first time I head about it was on Ping Medina’s Instagram.

Vhong statement

vhong navarro

Vhong Navarro

From what I gathered, Showtime co-host Vhong Navarro was beaten up by a certain Cedric Lee and his gang because of a girl named Deniece Cornejo, who cried rape.

Cedric Lee and Deniece Cornejo

FYI: Deniece is supposed to be deniece of news anchor Mel Tiangco, while Cedric Lee is the baby daddy of Vina Morales’s daughter.
Apart from starting out as a member of the Streetboys dance group, the only other thing I know about Vhong is he certainly has his way with chicks, as I’ve heard one young “pedigreed” actress has reportedly slept with him, eek!
Other than that, I know nothing.
I am not particularly interested because Vhong Navarro is so not hot, and I am not interested in guys who have a silent “H” in their name.

vhong navarro

I take exception to dancer Jhong Hilario who had the funniest mishap on Instagram, just Google it.
P.S. I do wish for Vhong Navarro’s swift recovery and that justice be served.

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