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In this digital/electronic/Internet age, gadgets are everything. For some of us, it’s our life.
Luckily I work at home and don’t really have to lug too many gadgets around, except the BlackBerry and the occasional tablet.
In this country, you may be eating in a restaurant, sitting in your office, or shopping. If you’re not careful, something will disappear. That’s why I love things that don’t look like they’re worth stealing, like the Undercover laptop case I bought for my nephew Miko’s Mac.
Got this at Quirks novelty store at Shang but I’ve also seen them at The A.Shop at Eastwood Mall.


My sister gave me and Jeroen a pair of BookBook iPad cases purchased abroad.
Can you tell there’s an iPad on this shelf?

Look for my gadgets

The BookBook looks just like an old ledger nobody wants to steal.

BookBook for Macs

They only make cases for Apple products, by the way, such as the MacBook Pro

BookBook for Mac
BookBook for Mac

MacBook Air

BookBook for MacBook Air

and even the iPhone

BookBook for iPhone

makes me wish I were an iPhone user

Bookbook for iPhone

I was recently gifted with a BlackBerry Playbook. I’ve been obsessed with this gadget, particularly the Tetris game which raises my heart rate—if only I could lose weight playing Tetris. You can pair it with your BlackBerry in order to text, email and BBM.

BlackBerry PlayBook

Naturally, I needed a case. For this, I ordered the Dodocase online. It looks just like a Moleskine


with a bamboo frame that holds the Playbook very snugly

Dododcase for BlackBerry Playbook

You can also view it like this

Dodocase for BlackBerry Playbook

Hide it inside a pile of books, nobody can tell what’s really in there.

BookBook, dodocase, Moleskine

Ordered this online and shipped only through Johnny Air. (Do not order this directly to Manila as shipping + customs will set you back $88.)
To enjoy 10% off your order, click here and use the 10% off coupon code upon checkout.

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