Mistaken identity
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When I was in Houston in 2008, everyone thought I was a nurse.
It was the dead of winter. I was there to take care of my cousin who was battling leukemia at MD Anderson.
Even though the end result wasn’t favorable, I’m still grateful I was able to spend the last days with my best cousin.
Under my winter jacket, I wore the old Margiela T-shirt.

Me in Houston

During my free time I would walk around the hospital so much, I started to know the place by heart. At the gift shop I even bought the scrubs, the MD Anderson shirt, the jacket, the ID, and the stethoscope. I thought of wearing the uniform just to amuse my cousin.
I wore my Birkenstock clogs to be comfy. At MD Anderson, majority of the nurses were Filipino, so people naturally assumed I was a nurse and would ask me for directions. And I gladly told them where to go since I knew where everything was.

In Singapore this week, some people thought I was Indonesian, which I find amusing. I have never been to Indonesia but the plan is to visit Jakarta in the near future.

Two World Cups ago, I joined my husband and his friends at the Dutch bar Heckle & Jeckle in the Burgos area. And while the Dutch boys enjoyed the drinks and action inside, I chose to step out with my friend to get some air. At some point, some foreigners thought she and I were Burgos girls (read: ladies of the night). Not sure what to think, but in fairness, the foreigner said we looked “expensive.”

More often I get mistaken for being younger than I am, which can sometimes be a hassle because I get scolded by people who are actually younger than me.
Recently, however, I had the most surprising case of mistaken identity.
I’ve been spending some time at Makati Med to seek treatment for our cook who has an early stage of breast cancer. While waiting for doctor to appear (we waited for 3.5 hours), I passed by Floating Island to buy my cook some fresh fruit juice and look what they thought I was:

I'm a doctora!

For the first time the waiter or cashier assumed I was a doctora! Can’t tell you how flattered I am! It made me think what if I were a doctora? What kind of doctor would I be? An OB-GYNE like Dra. Tere Henson or an oncologist? To help give life or save lives?
Then the thought scared me so much I decided to scratch the thought.

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