Mines View condominium remembered
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When I was a kid my maternal grandparents used to take us to Baguio every summer. We took my aunt’s Volkswagen combi for the trip. I used to fall asleep en route and would wake up when we reached the Lion’s Head.
I don’t remember how long we would actually stay but they had a three-bedroom unit at Mines View condominium.
This picture was taken in the ’70s.

Mines View Condominium, Baguio

My grandfather’s unit was on the second floor, right side. There were only six units in this particular building.
This was my grandfather with my cousin Gigi in May 1981.

Papa and Gigi in Mines View

I had such delicious naps there as a child, in the afternoon without aircon. Just the window open. And when I woke up I would look out the window and see Everlasting flowers. Gosh, I miss those.

When Hyatt Terraces Baguio opened, our family eventually stayed there. Our grandparents eventually sold their unit. All this time I thought the property had been demolished and developed into a high-rise.
Last night I found out it still exists in the same spot!! Looks like they’ve added a gate.*

Mines View condominium

It’s been 14 years since I last saw Baguio. Ben was still a baby.

When Ben was a blond

We stayed at the Manor at Camp John Hay, which was newly open. It was heaven on earth!
But now that I’m older, I’ve developed an extreme phobia for unrenovated bathrooms. Tripadvisor tells me the bathrooms there are still dated. Sorry but I can’t.

The Manor bathroom

I’m always hoping that someone will open a new hotel in Baguio with really modern bathrooms.
Till then, I’ll be dreaming of a place not too far away where I can take delicious naps with no aircon, just cool air from the windows, a view of the mountain, pine trees, and beautiful flowers outside.


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