Mindanao gets ready for Summer Peace Festival 2013
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With war, violence and corruption dominating coverage about Mindanao in the mainstream media, it’s no wonder the island seems off-limits to the average Filipino.
For decades, repeated appeals and numerous efforts to bring peace to the region have yielded little results.
In an effort to change the perception of the region and foster peace in the region, a group of young individuals with roots in Mindanao spearheads a week-long collaborative festival in Northern and Western Mindanao.
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This April 26 to May 1, 2013, Good Karma Productions, Muni Productions and Ministry of Mushrooms, Inc. invite you to two events, collectively dubbed the Summer Peace Festival 2013.
The organizers seek to spread peace by promoting Mindanao’s art, culture, eco-tourism, food and music—thereby supporting the region’s artists and musicians.
The first leg, Luna Musika Lawaig will be on April 26-28, 2013 in Cagayan de Oro, while the second Leg, Paz Musica del Mar will be on April 29 to May 1, 2013 in Zamboanga City.
Participating are numerous international and local musicians, artists and artisans, chefs and educators; while tons of outdoor activities and seminars await guests.

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