Mich Dulce in Japanese Vogue Girl
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So I figured Nippon Vogue Girl is the Japanese equivalent of Teen Vogue, which I finally gave up a few years ago since the fashion is no longer applicable to my age.
Saw this at the Hong Kong airport and just had to look.

Nippon Vogue Girl

Inside are dizzying fashion, I quickly flipped through the pages until I saw something very familiar

Nippon Vogue Girl

American fashion editor/stylist Misha Janette in Mich Dulce’s Triple Bunny hat from Kikastyle

Nippon Vogue Girl

Here’s the hat on Mich (R) with Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth (isn’t she the one who wedded Rufus and Lily on Gossip Girl??)

Kim Gordon, Mich

And on Heather (R) with Charlotte Kemp (a.k.a. Sean Lennon’s jowa)

Charlotte and Heather

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