Metro Manila, the movie (Part 1)
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When I heard that a Tagalog movie was chosen by the British Academy Of Film & Television Arts (BAFTA) as its official entry to the Oscars (Best Foreign Language Film category), I had to ask, why is it a UK entry instead of Philippine?
Well, because the director of the movie, Sean Ellis, is British.
My friend Melvin says Sean used to date British model Erin O’Connor, and after Googling him, I thought, OMG he’s so chica.

Sean Ellis, Metro Manila

After further research, I realized this was the same movie Celine Lopez co-produced and accepted an award for at Sundance Film Festival last January.
From what I gathered, Sean Ellis took a trip to the Philippines and fell in love. He decided to write a story after witnessing two armored truck drivers having an argument.
To finance the movie, Sean even had to mortgage his house.
The movie was written in English, and he allowed the Filipino actors to translate it in their own words.
After seeing this trailer and the fab logo, I was intrigued.

I wanted so much to see it, I looked for downloads online (there are none).
I decided to join an online Twitter contest to win tickets to a special screening. Lo and behold, the lead actor, Jake Macapagal, read my tweet and gave me tickets!!

Jake Macapagal

Trivia: Jake Macapagal played my son Ben’s father in an Orange and Lemons video directed by Marie Jamora

Last night, my friends and I saw Sean Ellis at an intimate screening of Metro Manila at SM Megamall.
OMG he’s so chica in a Robert Downey Jr. way, with the jacket, the jeans, and the trainers!!

Sean Ellis, Metro Manila

The suit and the trainers remind me of Comme des Garçons CEO Adrian Joffe (left, with Jappy Gonzalez)

Adrian Joffe and Jappy Gonzalez

In other words, chicang afam! (To be continued)

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