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Haven’t been able to get online this entire day as I had a visit from Lia in the morning, lipo-cavitation and RF after lunch, meeting with Yodel in the afternoon, plus dinner and exercise with Grace in the evening.
This afternoon I received a friendly call from Ms. Gina Lopez, whom I blogged about after the #WhyMining forum at the InterContinental Manila last week.
After hearing each other’s sides, I asked her if she would like me to take the post down, which I did this afternoon.
Following is her email to me, which I also promised to publish.
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Gina Lopez
Photo: BBC World Service

Dear Cecile,

The videos you have on your blog are snippets of me talking about eco tourism.
I have five eco tourism projects in Puerto Princessa—one of which is offering sashimi to the tourists that go see the dolphins. Dolphins eat the same food as tuna—so when one views the dophins one can also eat sashimi on board.
The Glamping—Glamour Camping is one of our eco tourism tools we will be using in Brookespoint. This means camping at the foot of the mountains, enjoying the splendour of nature and paying a good amount of money which will all go to the community. Glamping is done in Africa and it is very popular.
All efforts are meant to benefit the community. It is totally unethical to take snippets of me talking, edit it and distort it to mean something else.
If the mining industry does not agree with my views on conserving the beauty of nature, they should stick to the issues – and not hit below the belt.
Cecile because the videos are a very unfair distortion of the Truth – I would very much appreciate it if you take it out of your blog. Thank you for your understanding.

Gina Lopez

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