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One of the best investments I ever made was the installation of the Big Ass Fan in our living room last year.
I was scared to spend that much on an electric fan, but it has proven to be worth it, especially during hot summer days.
Our house used to be an oven worthy of a Bikram studio during summer, but after the addition of a roof garden, new blinds, and the Big Ass Fan, summers aren’t as scary anymore.

BIg Ass Fan at home

The energy efficient Big Ass Fans can be used in homes and commercial spaces. It is also a great conversation piece.

Big Ass Fan
Big Ass Fans Provide Energy Savings
Element - Nova 535 - Saint Petersburg, FL

But what about smaller spaces? Lower ceilings?
Personally, I can’t live without ceiling fans, as each one of the rooms in our house has one.
Some of them are Hunter fans and some are G.E. Between the two, I prefer Hunter. Still I’m not 100% satisfied.
Hunter fans usually come with lights, which we never use because we can never reach the cord used to turn it on.
The Hunter fans I’ve seen without lights don’t look very nice—in short, I have a problem looking for a ceiling fan I really like.
Enter Big Ass Fan’s HAIKU fan.
Beside its miminalist design I really like, each fan only uses 30w (less than most lightbulbs) and is 80% more efficient than conventional fans. It comes in four finish options:
Bamboo – in caramel or cocoa
Matrix Composite – in black or white
Its motor comes with a lifetime warranty and is powered with a Direct Current (DC) motor.
Traditional ceiling fans use AC (alternating current) motors, which get louder over time because steel laminated cores eventually separate in the motor, resulting in increased vibrations.

Haiku fan

The aerodynamic design of the blades mean that they move air more efficiently compared to other fans that use flat blades. Also, the blades have been finished with automotive grade paint, which means it won’t dull over time.

Haiku fan

Each fan can handle spaces roughly 6m x 6m in size. There are various speed settings, but a favorite feature is the “whoosh” setting…which simulates the natural breeze by the beach, and changes speed over time

Haiku fan

Because of the quality of the fan, you can use it in outdoor (covered) locations like patios, verandas, etc.
It can take the extra humidity.

Haiku fan

Depending on the model HAIKU fans run from P50,000 to P60,000 a piece.
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