Meet my new Samsung Note
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Contrary to popular belief, I do have small bags.


This tiny Porter bag is sometimes used when going to Mass


It holds just the bare essentials: wet and normal tissues, wallet, pens, mints, Blackberry, and my latest gadget, the Samsung Galaxy Note, a present from Jeroen’s friend, Sonny Ocampo.

What's inside my bag?

I actually received the Samsung Note last year, but didn’t get into it right away, until last week when MobC sent me a case for it. At first I was upset because I forgot where I’d kept the Galaxy Note. I prayed to St. Anthony—who never fails—and found it inside my bedside drawer.
Here’s the Samsung Note in its new wallet case, next to the BlackBerry


What I love about the Samsung Note:
1) It serves as a backup phone for my BlackBerry which hangs very often. I was so excited, I got another line for this gadget. I can call, text and surf with it, as well as WhatsApp, Twitter, etc.
2) I got Instagram! Follow me on Instagram.
I realize the Galaxy Note doesn’t take pictures as well as the iPhone, but this will do for now.

Comme des Garçons top Flowers from Fiori di M
Valextra bag at Univers Dimensione clock
Church's shoes at Univers Mamou steak

3) I can surf better on the Samsung Note than the Blackberry. I don’t get so cross-eyed trying to read articles. I keep it on my bedside and read in the dark when everyone’s sleeping.
4) Both BlackBerry and Samsung Note work with the Mili Powerstar I carry around.


5) I super love the size—bigger than the iPhone/BlackBerry and smaller than the Galaxy Tab and iPad.
I still keep the BlackBerry because of BBM and, well, I prefer to type long messages on a keyboard I can touch, not tap.
Until Apple makes a large iPhone with a real keyboard, I’m sticking to this combo. 🙂

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