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Staying in for Holy Week?
It’s been a while since I’ve recommended another blog. I just recently found one that I thought was worth sharing—one you might want to go through over the long weekend.
I stumbled upon Chinie Hidalgo Diaz’s blog by accident and ended up clicking the “Random” button again and again—it’s a Tumblr feature that brings you to random entries on someone’s blog.
Her cartoons remind me of my sister Ana who sometimes draws the day’s events in her blog.


I love how Chinie deals with haters on her blog.
Here’s a sample entry:

Haters Gonna Hate. Bashers Gonna Bash. That’s Fab.

So I got another reader request yesterday. Well okay, it wasn’t exactly a request. It was more like hate mail, with a question.

I’ve been getting quite a bit of that ever since I wrote this controversial post — which I really had no idea was going to be so controversial. But oh well, live and learn. So yes, I get quite a bit of this now:

Lovely. Just lovely. 

So anyway I’m never quite sure how to respond — or if I even should — but I realized that my answer to the most recent one actually made me happy! So let’s do this!  Here’s what the reader asked:

Lovely. Just lovely.
And since the issue seemed to hinge on my drawing, I decided to answer IN DRAWINGS. 🙂
So here goes…
Answer #1:

Answer #2:

Answer #3:

See, here’s the thing, dear. I don’t draw or write because I think I’m particularly good at it. 
I do it because it makes me happy.
If it makes other people smile, that makes me even happier. If it makes others angry for some reason, that doesn’t really detract from my own joy in what I do. And being able to do what gives you joy… well, that’s FAB. At 40+ or any age.
But I do thank you for your feedback, because as SuperBianca said in the Social Good Summit…

Have a happy day, everyone! Go forth and be FAB. 🙂


I wish I had her attitude towards haters. I became an instant fan.
After reading many of her entries, I wanted to know more and found her on Twitter.
Chinie, a former teacher, now works as a copywriter and creative director of a direct marketing company. She also contributes to Rappler every other Monday.
She started drawing only last year!
“I honestly had no idea I could even draw until I started playing Draw Something,” she shared.
“I don’t normally include a lot of detail, so each drawing usually takes just a few minutes. In general a blog post will take me about an hour or hour and a half, but more of that is spent on thinking and writing than drawing. I’m not really one of those people who plan their blog posts in advance. Most days when I wake up I have absolutely no idea what I’m going to blog about.”


But why is her cartoon self always in a duster? I really wanna know. Is it a duster?
“Hahaha! I’d like to say that the real reason is that it’s the easiest to draw, but the truth is I really dress like that most days. Duster at home and a comfy, baggy.. este.. flowy dress when out. But hey, my dusters and dresses are cute ha! I just can’t be bothered to draw different dress details each day,” she said.

So here’s the link to her blog. Enjoy the holidays! Happy long weekend!

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