Me too! Yolanda survivors speak with American accent
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One of the things my friends and I noticed during the CNN coverage of Typhoon Yolanda was how well the Taclobanese speak English, some with American accent.
Reminds me of a young Lea Salonga who spoke with an American accent way before she lived abroad.
Is it cartoons or television?
I asked around on Twitter and found out Visayans would rather speak English than Tagalog. True?
Watch these CNN clips and tell me what you think.

A young girl talks about the first time they’ve “eat’n properly” in a week.

The most famous sound byte from a survivor: Magina Fernandez describes the situation as “worse than hell.”

And my favorite clip of all: a little girl chirps in the background while her big sister gets interviewed by CNN.
Adorable and fascinating, isn’t it?

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