Me already! Things are happening at NAIA
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I just really hope whoever is fixing this has good taste. Sayang naman ang renovation kung walang Duravit.
Dear Royal Pineda/Kenneth Cobonpue/Budji Layug,
Please makialam kayo sa banyo. Please!!
I thank you.


This message comes from Martha:
I was at the CX lounge yesterday and needed to use the toilet. CX lounge has no toilet inside and passengers have to use the public toilet near Gate 7. Voila! The toilet was closed for renovation—finally.
The CX lounge ladies know me already for complaining about the toilet condition.
I went to another toilet and the English lady behind me asked me, “Whats that big drum of water for?”
I told her it’s used for flushing the toilet. She was horrified.
Kakahiya, we all laughed na lang.
There was a long queue. Kawawa the cleaner.
And also good news, I saw a lot of good-looking and younger immigration officers when I arrived and that made me happy.

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