Mankind premieres November 14 on HISTORY
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History lovers, don’t miss the biggest TV event of the year, as Mankind: The Story Of All Of Us, premieres tonight, November 14, 9 PM on HISTORY™.
Acclaimed actor and Oscar nominee Josh Brolin narrates the English language version of the epic, six-part series.

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Over two years in the making, Mandkind is one of the most in-depth television series ever produced by HISTORY.
It will be the first TV series to look at the history of the human race through the ages, in a highly ambitious way with the scale of its cinematic vision.
Jaw-dropping CGI technology and dramatic reconstructions of the most critical events in human history will leave viewers spellbound to the compelling story of our race.

In every episode, the path of Mankind’s progress will be unlocked through a set of mysterious keys.
These will range from the first tools to the construction of the pyramids, to the birth of agriculture and the revolutions in military technology.


Through geology, astronomy, meteorology, and physics, the series delves into the forces of nature, exploring human’s ability to harness these immense natural powers through engineering, science and innovation to assure their survival. Remarkably, Mankind’s path is guided by events that stretch back, not hundreds, but thousands, even millions of years.

Watch Mankind every Wednesday night at 9 PM on HISTORY™.
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