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December 19 is special because it happens to be the birthday of my son Christian + my mom. While Christian had his first birthday party last Saturday, my mom’s was tonight.
Last Friday my dad and his friends Mr. Takanori Fujimura and Dr. Eiki Enatsu soft-opened a Japanese fusion restaurant with a very talented chef, Masaaki Ishikawa.


Mangetsu used to be located at the Creekside Mall, now closed.
My dad said Chef Ishikawa came from Nagoya, opened his restaurant here a couple of years ago before he was abandoned by his business partner. My dad and his friends loved his food so much, they convinced him to change location under new management and partnership.

My brother Dennis (L) with Mr. Takanori Fujimura

My dad is no restaurateur, so I was a bit skeptical—but he knows his Japanese food very well.
My mom invited her closest friends and family to dinner. Jeroen and I braved the Makati traffic all the way to Jupiter Street in Bel-Air, Makati.



Soft opening here


I swear, everyone on the main floor was Japanese (a good sign)


We spotted my dad’s friends from Sumitomo Metals.


Oh, there is a real sushi chef in there. In Japan you need at least four years training to become a sushi chef. I’m very particular about sushi, so I’m happy whenever I see a real sushi chef in Manila.


My sister Ana would love Mr. Chuichi Mastumoto and the sound of his geta (wooden slippers) clacking on the floor.
So Spirited Away


Dinner was upstairs


Jeroen and I arrived just in time to sit down to this large plate of sashimi. Ana took all the salmon (not in picture). I ate the tuna and hamachi with a side of sushi rice.

Sashimi platter

Next came the tori karaage (Japanese fried chicken) served with three kinds of salt, kropek and calamansi. Loved this too.


Then the wagyu beef slices cooked on top of a plate with special sauce. Jeroen says keep the three kinds of salt from the tori karaage and use this to flavor the beef. Jeroen, my brother and I had two plates of this.


Please eat this with rice


I was already full when the ebi tempura arrived. Brown this over hot coals


Plus another plate of sushi, which I took home to Mich Dulce and her mom. So full.


The menu is surprisingly large and affordably priced. I’m coming back with my hungry friends cause I wanna try the beef bowl. Click HERE to see the menu.
P.S. It’s always fun when Ana’s around.


Mangetsu is at 38 Jupiter Street, Bel-Air, Makati
Tel. 478-3292

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