Majolica Majorca: Affordable cosmetics by Shiseido
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I’m a sucker for gift packs, value packs and all sorts of packages—especially if they’re gifts to me!
Somebody sent me this book/box from Majolica Majorca, a Japanese cosmetics brand by Shiseido.

Majolica Majorca gift

Inside, so many nice things. Geez, I wish I had all these presents when I was 18.
My very first eyeshadow was from Shiseido.

Gift from Majolica Majorca

If it’s Shiseido, you just know the quality is good.
I know this brand. I’ve seen it at Watson’s Hong Kong.
In Tokyo, I remember walking through their major Christmas display at Parco in Shibuya.

Fun Shibuya Schoolgirls & Majolica Majorca

Geared towards young women, college students and professionals ages 16 to 24 (and up), Shiseido has created an exciting brand, ‘Majolica Majorca’.
The names comes from the legend of a mythical bird that transformed from ordinary to beautiful and grand.

And so it goes: A simple bird with a pure heart wanted all things beautiful. It adorned itself with a collection of attractive, elegant and unique feathers and soon enough, it looked charmingly ravishing.
The Goddess of Beauty took notice of the bird’s creativity and courage and was filled with admiration.
With this, she cast a powerful spell and uttered ‘Majolica Majorca!’
The feathers accenting the bird’s body all became real and a crown appeared atop of the bird’s head. After this, the bird became an Evangelist of Beauty.
The enchanted Goddess said, ‘Go forth into the world, and make all women beautiful.

Just like the legend, Majolica Majorca’s extensive product line is sure to fulfill every girl’s wish.

Majolica Marjorca
Introduced in 2003, its popularity has grown not only among the youth in Japan but also in neighboring countries like Taiwan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore.
Now, Majolica Majorca makes a splash in the Philippines when it opens at least 20 stores this 2011.
It will be exclusively available at all leading SM Department stores and Watson’s outlets at SM Makati, Pampanga, Megamall, Mall of Asia, North Edsa, Ayala Cebu, Fairview, Las Piñas, and Cubao.

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