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What I learned from my “sabbatical”: if you sleep for a very long time, you will get a migraine.
Sorry, hindi ko kaya panindigan ang blog break ko.

I had lunch with my cousin Keri earlier, who told me a story about meeting young actor Daniel Padilla at a party in my neighborhood.
Keri is a huge #kathniel fan, so she was very excited when she heard Daniel Padilla was going to their friend’s house.

Daniel and Keri

“Daniel was so nice,” Keri said over lunch at Kimpura. “He was so polite…Unfortunately he called me ‘Ma’am.'”
LOL. I nearly choked on my steak.
Keri continued, “I told Daniel, please don’t call me Ma’am.”
Daniel replied, “Okay, tita.”
LOL, I asked Keri, “What did you say?”
Keri: “Call me Ma’am na lang…”


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