Love or hate them, this video really touches my heart
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Confession: I’ve seen four episodes of the Kardashians. The first episode I ever watched was when Kanye West proposed to Kim because I became curious when I read that Lana del Rey refused to sing her song for them.
The second episode I watched was their recent trip to Iceland, which was simply breathtaking.
And the other two shows I watched only last night were the first two episodes from Season One.
I am amazed how they’ve turned into high-tech human beings from nine years ago to this day.
I find it amazing how so much money and fame can transform one’s overall appearance and attitude.

Another thing that amazed me is how Kris and Bruce Jenner treat their children with unconditional love, despite Kim’s sex video, etc. I think the show is a hit because they are really solid as a family.
Truthfully I don’t know how if I can watch any more shows I can stand, but today, Kanye West posted a birthday video to his wife on Twitter.
I know the Kardashian children loved their late father Robert Kardashian so much. He appears to be the camera man in this video, and it shows how much love Kim grew up with.
Even if I’m not a huge fan of Kanye, Kim, and the Kardashians, this video really touches my heart.

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