Life in Utrecht
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“Forget about The Hague, forget Rotterdam, it’s Utrecht you are heading for after visiting Amsterdam.
At first sight, you may not see the charm of Utrecht. Arriving by train or car, you’ll probably think it is just one of those cities taken over by big companies. Can you be more wrong?
Utrecht, the Netherlands’ most centrally located city, has so many faces that it will leave you flabbergasted.
The city canals cleave the centre and contribute to the specific character of the inner town.
Along the canals, you’ll find packed terraces in the summertime. The shopping heart beats throughout the city and nearby is the Museum Quarter, a collective of six impressive museums.
When you don’t know where to start, just go to the ‘Domplein’ (Domsquare), take a deep breath and climb the 465 steps of the Netherlands’ highest church tower and observe Utrecht’s hustle and bustle.
Be sure to visit the Maliesingel as this is the most beautiful place ever seen. Many, many old houses there with great views, people who live there are blessed.” —


We are now in Utrecht.
From Schiphol, we drove over to Jeroen’s hometown and settled into a rented apartment, which we’ll have for two weeks. I actually found it online after days of Googling.
At first Jeroen wanted to stay at the Hotel Karel V, but some of the rooms look like they have mumu. Besides, we needed a kitchen to cook rice and Marky’s sinigang.
This is our neighborhood


and the living room where I’m sitting right now. It is 10 AM and everyone has left to go to the zoo.

Havaa Apartments, Utrecht

This was Opa on the first night. He lives in Eindhoven and just slept over for one night.


Jeroen bought me 40 red roses on our first day. That’s Php 280 pesos for 40 roses—can you imagine? And they are still so fresh. I want to have fresh flowers everyday while I’m here.

40 red roses for me

This is the kitchen

Havaa Apartments, Utrecht

Our little chiller

Our chiller

And Marky’s sinigang, prepared by Yaya Bhing on the first night

Yaya made sinigang

This is Dutch bacon, or spek


I like the floor

Floor peg

The banyo I am not crazy about. The toilet is separate from the shower area and both rooms are tiny.
Luckily Yaya Bhing tidies up a lot. Plus it’s Holy Week, so I consider this a sacrifice.

Havaa Apartments, Utrecht

The bedrooms I find creepy. I have to take Sleepasil to forget I’m in this room with a rough blanket. But this is just me. Everyone else is OK and cozy. Thank God I am the only high maintenance person in the group.
I do wish we have time to tour the Karel V Hotel for next time.
Meanwhile I have to hit the shower to get ready, as the boys come back at noon to pick me up for another adventure in Utrecht.

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