YES I know we still need a visa, but this is life-changing for me
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wanderlust (ˈwɒndəˌlʌst)
a great desire to travel and rove about
[German, literally: wander desire]

I’m one of those people who dies a little inside whenever I want to travel and just can’t take off.
Because of the kids, because of my fear of flying and other fears (bathrooms) etc.
The last time I traveled was to celebrate Valentine’s Day with my husband in Singapore—and to try yakitori sauces for our new food concept opening soon at SM Aura (shameless plug).

Yakitori One opening soon at SM Aura

Then Pope Francis was elected on March 13, 2013. In my heart I wanted to fly to the Vatican and see him, but he said, give the money to the poor instead.
Summer came. My kids didn’t want to travel and there were court hearings for my son’s adoption.
So we stayed put.
It is now the end of June. I am still thinking of the Pope. I am still recovering from lipo and I can’t buy new clothes yet.
But I woke up to such great news: Japan relaxes visa rules for Filipinos.
This means I no longer have to apply for a freaking visa every time I want to go there—which is twice a year!!
Yes, I know we still need a visa. BUT I can get a multiple entry VISA for three years—that’s all I want.
I’m so tired and I can’t tell you how tedious it is to get a Japan visa.

Japan visa collection

Japan is like my second home. Japan is in my heart. Now I don’t have to go to Hong Kong every time I feel like I need new clothes. This changes everything.

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