Life before wifi, Part 3
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Sorry, Part 3 took longer than I planned.
It’s because I didn’t realize life after wifi is actually a cornier story to tell.
I do remember the first time I experienced broadband. It was at my dad’s house. I was surprised when I turned on my sister’s computer and was instantly connected. I couldn’t believe it! There was no dial-up sound with toing, toing, toing. My brain could not process.

In June 2003, Jeroen and I finally moved to our new house, away from the parents, along with our two baby boys, household staff and our family computer—a Mac.
The Mac even had its own room. We called it….the computer room!
Ben started using the computer at 1 1/2 years. Markus started much later. But now at ages 11 and 9, both have amazing Minecraft skills.


I had my own laptop in my room where I blogged.
One day I remember talking to Jay Lozada on the phone, who casually told me about wifi.
Apparently it was a wireless Internet that could be accessed in any part of the house.
“You mean I could write in my courtyard?”
“Yes,” he said.
I could not believe it! This was my Mac in 2007—a hand-me-down from my Dad.

My old skin

I think we were relatively one of the first homes that had wifi in Metro Manila—so novel it was, we even had wifi parties at home. This was 2007.

Wifi wrap dinner at home

Things definitely changed when Jeroen also got his own Mac. It became like his second wife.

My boys and their toys

And now computers are very much part of our home. My kids say they can’t imagine life without internet. That makes me feel bad because they don’t even know the joy of patintero.
That’s why this summer, they’re required to step out and do exercise or sports hour everyday, be it basketball or swimming, and they follow.
As for everything else that changed, that would require another blog post. But I won’t be calling it Part 4 because I don’t want you to wait again. Meanwhile, let me catch up with all my backlogged work.
Told you it’s a corny story.

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