Lexus NX300H: Tried and tested
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My boys have certainly grown up.
I’m not a car person, but when my boys—Ben (13), Markus (12), Jeroen (42)—found out that we would get to use a Lexus SUV Hybrid for a week, they were excited.

The Lexus NH300H at the showroom garage

Lexus is a luxury car brand I’ve known for a while since I was in art school. Since the mid ‘90s, my Dad has bought four Lexus (or should I say, Lexi). He likes its “quiet comfort and understated elegance.”
My brother Dennis has owned three Lexus, including a Lexus NX300h, which we would be test driving.
Dennis says, compared with other luxury brands, you get a better engine, sound system and interior finishing with the Lexus. “The best feature for me is the roomy cabin and timeless luxury,” he said.

Common sight in our office parking: Lexus cars

My cousin Dr. Gerard Henson bought the Lexus RX450h hybrid last June 2014. He loves “everything about the car—from the car itself to the after-sales and servicing.” He also loves the Lexus showroom lounge at BGC 🙂
Gerard says he drives the car almost everyday. What he loves the most: “It’s a very low-key car that has all the makings of a high-end luxury vehicle.”

As a rider, I love the back seat, including the great lighting it offers 🙂

I actually did some research before test driving the Lexus NX300h. Simply put, a hybrid car is one that uses two sources of power, which allow you to save on fuel to achieve cost and energy efficient. That said, if your car needs a full tank every week, driving this compact luxury SUV will save you two trips to the gas station every month. Amazing, isn’t it?

Apart from that, we are also doing the environment some good as the NX300h’s CO2 emission is just 116g/km. Truth be said, you’re not going to recoup the cost of the car (P4 million) with your savings on fuel. But I believe some people feel good about reducing carbon footprints.

Roomy enough to accommodate Jeroen’s long Dutch legs

Driving the Lexus Hybrid NX300h also makes a statement as there are less than 10 of this variant in the Philippines. I’d say it’s not your typical family SUV.
In Hollywood, where many stars are environment activists, the Lexus is a favorite. Among those that drive Lexus Hybrids are Paul McCartney, Ryan Philippe, Zachary Quinto, Matt Damon, Kim Kardashian, Charlize Theron, Jeremy Piven and Olivia Wilde.

The boys took the NX for a spin around the village on the first night and they looked forward to using it in going to school the following day.
My jaded boys loved tinkering with the different high-tech features that the NX comes with.
One of them is the electronically adjustable cooling feature that allows us to adjust the temperature of the two front seats. My boys liked so much, they didn’t want to leave the car. They even asked if they could sleep inside.


The Qi Wireless Charging Tray came in handy when we were on our way to Shangri-La Mall and my phone was running low on power. All I had to do was put my phone on the tray to fully charge it. No need for cables at all.
Most of all, what the boys loved was the panoramic sunroof, especially when we were on our way to Estancia Mall as they enjoyed watching the rain fall on it. Can imagine how energizing it must be to have sunshine come through it as well.


We found the safety features very thoughtful for families: eight airbags, full LED headlights, 360-degree monitor and more. The 360-degree monitor is extremely useful to any driver, regardless of skill level. Find out more about the NX’s cool features here.


The Lexus Hybrid NX300h has a four-cylinder engine, electric motors and automatic transmission. The seats are comfortable for four people, but (let’s be honest) not for a tall person.


Since the NX300h is a hybrid, we were concerned about charging the car. I mean where are the charging stations in the Philippines? To our amazement, the NX charges its own battery whenever the driver steps on the brake.

Lexus Hybrid Drive is known as a full hybrid system, which means that its two power sources—a battery-powered electric motor and a petrol-driven combustion engine—are separate from one another. Lexus Hybrids run on Normal, Eco, and Sport modes but the NX 300h adds the “EV” mode that keeps it running on electricity at speeds below about 30 mph as long as the battery holds out.


We loved how smooth the Lexus Hybrid NX300h ran and how quiet the engine was. As for the boys, they were quite sad when it was time to return the car. Can’t even begin to tell you about the drama that ensued. I guess Lexus love really runs through their veins.

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