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One of my kids’ favorite things is to listen to my stories about when I was young.
Sometimes I would show them ’80s videos to educate them on fashion and music 🙂
I have shown them everything from the Thomspon Twins and Kajagoogoo to The Animal Song by the Europeans.
Ben doesn’t get the ’80s hair and music, but I really love it.

The other night we had a lesson on Boy George because our dog Anwar was nicknamed Warwar by his Ninang Grace.
So I started singing “Warwar stupid and people stupid.”
Ben says, “What are you singing?”
So I explain there’s this song by Boy George of Culture Club, The War Song. It goes like this.

Grrrr….I can’t believe I had such a crush on him in high school.
Ben said, “How can you have a crush on him? He’s so gay.”
Me: “I didn’t know he was gay because all I saw was a picture.” This one. And during the ’80s, lots of guys had long hair and makeup.

Boy George cover

At 16, I had a problem discerning who was gay or straight. Now, no more 🙂
I loved how Boy George dressed and I still do like to wear the oversized tops and hats.
I finally got a chance to meet George in person when he toured Manila as a DJ in May 2005.
Colin McKay hosted a dinner for him at Sala in Malate. I had a 2 megapixel camera, I think, so the pictures sucked so much.

Boy George in Manila

It was 2005, so our mobile phones did not take photos. Nobody in fact pulled out a camera until dinner was almost over.
Here are the photos I saved from that night.
Sala in Malate used to be the chicest restaurant in town. It is now closed.
This was the table setting

early bird

This was my plate. I do believe George did/does not eat meat.


The lucky dinner guests included Tim Yap, RS Francisco, Hindy and Gippy Tantoco, Elbert Cuenca and Lisa Ilarde, and people from George’s entourage

i love the Brits!

Also Anton Barretto, Leah Puyat, Rhett Eala

seat mates

Mimi and Juliet Tan

Sisters Tan

DJ Mark Vedo

we all got Coke

At the end of the night some of us finally had things autographed 🙂

lolo George

I actually made a blog entry about it but Livejournal sucks and all my entries from May 2005 are missing. What I do recall was Boy George offered me a job because I told him I loved him.
He asked me to stand up. He looked at my outfit and told me to come follow him in New York. It was like Jesus calling a disciple, but I told him, I’m sorry I have kids and George said, “Bring them.”
How I wish he would have asked me when I was single and studying in New York.
But now I couldn’t do that. A few months later George was arrested in New York on drug charges and it’s a good thing I never followed.
But I told my kids that whole story and they are fascinated.

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