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I had 24 hours in Beijing for work and no time to explore. I was hungry. I hit the mall nearest to my hotel, the Ritz Carlton.
The mall was empty. Emptier than the Podium on Good Friday. I ended up in this Chinese restaurant at the basement.
I ordered giant hakaw and two other things that were so-so. The hakaw was really good though, so it deserves a picture.


I wanted to order fresh orange juice, but my Chinese sucks. I ordered Coke instead, but I needed a glass of ice with it.
How to order ice in Chinese? You draw it.


They gave me a heaping glass of ice and I was a happy camper.


So here’s where I had my first meal in Beijing


Yesterday’s lunch was something else though. I decided to indulge in some Kobe beef, all for the love of Tokyo.
I went to a teppanyaki place which was the only place in the food court that had seats (read: mahalia jackson).


The chef cooked my steak very carefully. Unfortunately the size of the steak did not match the picture in the menu.
I purposely took this picture because the guy in blue is a deadringer for my brother-in-law Victor.


Here’s what I got. It was so good, but I felt so kawawa as this cost me PHP 3,300. I wanted to my dad to rescue me from hunger hell.
Dear Dad, Please buy me a good steak when I see you as this frikking steak cost PHP 412/piece!


I savored every bite, but still so hungry. I ordered two more scallops. The price: Php 200. PK na.


I feel like eating a ton of food today, just because I feel kawawa. Will ask Jeroen to grill some steaks at home. Hmmmp.

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