Kuya J opens Filipino restaurant chain
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Comfort-wise, there’s nothing like Filipino food. But not all Filipino restaurants are chuva-approved, mostly because of interiors. Most Filipino restaurants look cheap and dirty. Not Kuya J at Megamall.
Dinna and I happened to pass by a couple of weeks ago at the basement of SM Megamall-A.
Right next to Mann Hann used to be the site of my favorite Filipino restaurant—now closed.
That’s where I used to go and eat crispy pata for whatever reason—whether I was happy or sad.
So I was pleasantly surprised when I found out a new Filipino restaurant would be opening at the same spot—and they serve crispy pata!

Crispy Pata

The place is called Kuya J. When Dinna and I saw the picture menu, I told her, we have to come back and eat here.

Kuya J menu

Watch the TV commercial:

Luckily the universe heard me. We received an invitation to have dinner there with its brand ambassador, actor Jericho Rosales.

Jericho Rosales

I have a soft spot for Jericho because in 2005, Jericho Rosales was in our house to shoot a Metro magazine cover—at the end of which he made faces with the kids and their cousins.

The kids

Kuya J is a casual dining restaurant that wants families to feel at home when they eat out. The interiors are cozy, minimalist, and chuva-approved.

Kuya J interior
Kuya J interior

Jericho was a great host—down to earth, sincere, and friendly.
Kuya J’s COO Danny Pumarega explained why Jericho was chosen as their endorser.
“We wanted someone with a wholesome image and a strong sense of family. Jericho has these traits and also a love for good food. He really enjoys eating and sharing meals with family and friends.”

Jericho Rosales

Here’s we had for dinner: My personal favorite are the grilled scallops, which are flown in from Cebu


Dinna likes the lumpia and kare-kare


Grace, Jericho and I recommend the danggit rice, with the unique presentation

danggit rice

“I eat healthy and I love Kuya J because of the variety,” shared Jericho. “I normally order grilled scallops and Chorizo Dinamitas.”


“I also like kare-kare. I don’t eat the crispy pata too often because I try to have a healthy diet but it’s really good,” Jericho said as he personally served us.

Jericho Rosales

Jericho’s comfort meal, he confesses, consists of “coffee and adobo,” something that he loves to get at Kuya J.
“The sisig with egg is also to die for,” he added.
Unlike most sisigs, Kuya J’s is made of chopped pork belly so it’s soft instead of crunchy.


Other specialties include sautéed crabmeat and bamboo shoots rolled in malunggay-wrapper with sweet garlic sauce, battered deep-fried catfish served with chili tuba sauce and bagoong mayo, crispy catfish, and pochero.


Started in Cebu in 2010, Kuya J has 18 branches right now. The company’s goal is to put up 50 branches by the end of 2015.
To know more about Kuya J and its locations, go to

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