Kids these days
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And one more thing before I sleep….
There’s this video going around for a long time now, about a certain fashion blogger who was lucky enough to be invited to a junket in New York.
Upon being interviewed on cam, she kind of dissed Philippine fashion and put herself above the local fashion populace.
I understand why lots of people are really pissed at this girl right now, but here are my thoughts as an older person:
1. She is a child, seriously, and doesn’t understand what she’s saying (so don’t take her seriously as she is not a fashion authority).
2. I also felt power at 22 with my own column at the Daily Globe, reviewing fashion shows and designers either wanting to have lunch with me or have my head on a platter. Such power at a young age can make one—delusional.
2. I’ve seen her blog. More than a fashion blog, I find it bordering on the narcissistic, and that’s me being kind. 🙂
3. No offence, but head-to-toe Forever 21 is just so funny—no offence to Forever 21, opening in Makati this Thursday!!
4. Again, she’s a child with a blog and feeling power. I’m too old to pick on her and honestly, happy she’s going to Fashion Week in New York. I’d much rather have her than you-know-who. 😉

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