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My cousin Keri’s obsession with Korean dramas is contagious. She got me into Boys Over Flowers, which is the Korean version of Meteor Garden (Taiwanese drama I loved).
Luckily, my friend Mae gifted me two boxed sets of Boys Over Flowers, plus Mischievous Kiss, which star singer/actor/dancer (triple threat) Kim Hyun Joong. So yes, I find him cute and never mind that I was already in college when he was born.

Kim Hyun Joong collection

As far as Kim Hyun Joong fans are concerned, Keri (L) is a certified diehard. She has traveled to Seoul, Shanghai and Yokohama to stalk him watch his concerts.

yokohama (3)

Kim Hyun Joong in Yokohama (Photos: Keri Zamora)

yokohama (2)

You can imagine the damage to my ear when I told her Kim Hyun Joong was coming to Manila for a Face Shop tour.


Last Friday morning, Keri came over to our house with makeup artist Tatin Yang, who did both of our makeup.
Left the house 11-ish to the Rockwell Club for a media lunch.


Do you think she’s excited?

Keri and Kim Hyun Joong

While having our lunch, we couldn’t help but notice the hunky bodyguard, Mr. Jeong, who has his own Facebook fan page. He made sure the platform was stable. He looked under the chairs, inspected the flowers, and checked if the outside was clear.


Here’s a stolen shot by me


Then our On The Radar group (Keri, Grace and I) was called for a briefing upstairs as we were scheduled for a one-on-one for the Philippine Star (basically guidelines on what we can and can’t ask).
As we were talking to his Korean handler and interpreter, I noticed this entourage coming downstairs.
Watch Kim Hyun Joong walking slowly behind his bodyguard, with the golden hair, moreno skin, as he scans the room with his eyes.

That was our cue to proceed to the press conference. We took the elevator, they took the stairs. So we stalked him on his way there. Now watch the security and handlers with Kim Hyun Joong. Watch him scan the room and glance at us again.

He entered a room full of girls trying to stifle screams. (Here we have settled down.)


Oh, and he sat right across from us 🙂


Filipina-Korean radio/ TV personality Grace Lee hosted the program. (Why so pretty??)
Check out Gelli de Belen in the background.


Was he spaced out or checking her out?


So perfect.


If Paris Hilton has Isha Dinio, Kim Hyun Joong has 74-year-old Patria Ragasa. Her daughter spent Php 100,000 to win his cropped pants in a charity auction. As a bonus, they also got to meet and greet the Korean pop star.

Kim Hyun Joong's cropped pants for auction

Lola meets her crush idol.


She reportedly gave Kim Hyun Joong a key and said, “This is the key to my heart, I give it to you!” #afraid
She also begged him to kiss her!! That’s one aggressive lola, I tell you. He was very sweet to her though.


Lola’s 15 minutes of fame


Here’s the photo op, with Lola’s daughter on the left


The Face Shop donated the money to Abiertas House of Friendship, “a non-government organization that provides a temporary home to needy women, especially unwed mothers.”


During the press conference we were called to go back upstairs in preparation for our one-on-one.
The aircon wasn’t function so Keri peeled off her jacket. We were debating if she should interview him in a Roland Mouret bustier—or NOT!!


In no time we were called into this function room full of people and Kim Hyun Joong.
As soon as I saw the formal setting, I whispered to Grace, “Roland Mouret bustier is definitely not appropriate.”
Keri was assigned to interview him. I took photos and Grace held the Flip video.
To be fair, Keri acted professionally and did not fumble her lines/questions.

Keri interviews Kim Hyun Joong

Check out the body language 😉

Kim Hyun Joong in Manila

After answering our ten questions, we were whisked away to accommodate the other reporters, not even allowed to ask for an autograph.
So Keri followed him to Trinoma at 5 PM while I had to attend two other events.

Kim Hyun Joong at Trinoma

You can imagine the place was packed

Kim Hyun Joong at Trinoma

Grace Lee hosted

Kim Hyun Joong at Trinoma
Kim Hyun Joong at Trinoma

Meet and greet for Face Shop promo winners

Kim Hyun Joong at Trinoma

Watch for Keri’s coverage in the Philippine Star in a few!
To know more about the Face Shop, click here.

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