Karin Vermeer
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Two days after arriving in Utrecht, Deepa and I walked into the Galerie de Vink in the city and saw this huge painting inside.

Karin Vermeer

It was just one of those things I wanted to have. I talked to Jeroen about it and dragged him inside.
Found out it was affordable and about 1/3 the price of huge paintings in Metro Manila.
But first I had to think about how to send it home. I looked for a shipper online before going out of town to Eindhoven, Nuenen, Antwerp, and back to Utrecht.
I finally found a shipper and today I dragged Jeroen back to the gallery. It was now in the window.
And I bought it!

Karin Vermeer

I haven’t really bought anything of significance during this trip, except for a new Cos wardrobe and a bag. So I felt this was a great way to remember our trip to my husband’s hometown.

Dutch artist Karin Vermeer combines digital art and photography with acrylics, oils, modeling pastes, gels, chalk, colored pencils, and many other unusual materials to create modern art portraits like these.

Reva by Karin Vermeer 2007
Karin Vermeer
Frida by Karin Vermeer 2001
Karin Vermeer

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