Just say no
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I don’t understand why Sarah Geronimo has to wear a bad wig in her movies with John Lloyd Cruz.
She’s a pretty girl with nice hair. Can’t they just dye it or curl it, if they wanted to make her look “Americanized”?
Why resort to bad wigs?
Just say no, Sarah G.
Surely when they make you wear a bad wig there’s a this little voice telling you this looks wrong. But maybe you’re too nice to complain. Someone has to say it.
If you’re not sure about what the director is telling you to wear, consult a stylist.
Consult Liz Uy, Millet Arzaga, Alodia Gosiengfiao, or something. Consult a woman.
If they wanted to hire someone who looks like Eugene Domingo, they should’ve hired Eugene Domingo.
I enjoyed your movie with JLC, A Very Special Love but this one, I’m just gonna say no.
P.S. John Lloyd can also say no. He can say, “I’m not gonna kiss that bad wig. Nope. Not doing it.”

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