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Hello!! Sorry for my long absence. I was in Tokyo for almost two weeks and I am so tired, I can’t tell you, being a yaya to my kids. The upside: I lost 1 lb. I didn’t gain!! Not with eating beef and rice everyday with Coke! I’m so happy.
I have so many things to say, but so tired, so for now, let me start my comeback with a a back to school giveaway, a total of 10 prizes.
First: there will be five boxes filled with Oishi’s newest snacks

chuvaness giveaway

It includes:
• Fishda crackers (like fish kropek)
• The hubby’s favorite—veggie-based hot and spicy Pea Pow
• Caramel and cheese popcorn
• and Oishi cutest notepad set

chuvaness giveaway
chuvaness giveaway
chuvaness giveaway

Also giving away five lunch bags with limited edition Chuva charms by Tickles.

chuvaness giveaway
chuvaness giveaway

What’s inside:
• Eight Alden Richards notebooks by Sterling, available at National Bookstore

chuvaness giveaway

• Oishi notepad set, writing kit from National Bookstore, and a random coinpurse

chuvaness giveaway
chuvaness giveaway

How to join:
1) You must have a Philippine shipping/delivery address.
2) Please share this entry through Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. Please tag me!
3) Register HERE. Please register ONCE only.

Ten winners will be chosen.
Each winner will get either one lunch box or one snack box.
Contest runs from May 11 to 16 only.
Winners will be chosen electronically via
Winners will be announced on this blog, Twitter @chuvaness, and Facebook.

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