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I can’t believe some people still don’t know about Johnny Air and how shipping through them will save you a thousand heartaches from customs fees.
My friend just ordered an iPad2 and has to pay PHP 11,000 in customs fees. Had she shipped with Johnny Air, my guess is she will pay only Php 2,500 (guess only ha).
Here’s a repost on how to ship stuff from the US to the Metro Manila via Johnny Air Cargo.
This should answer some of your questions. If you have other questions, don’t ask me, call Johnny Air.

Johnny Air at Megamall

Don’t you just hate looking at stuff online and not having a proper way to ship it to the Philippines?
You either need a good friend like Cedric to ship or bring it here, or you have to deal with corrupt customs officials at the post office.
My friend Becky, who likes ordering golf clubs online, told me about Johnny Air‘s shipping service.

What I did basically was to order a Kindle 2, DSi and special memory card from Amazon on April 27.
Had them shipped to Johnny Air in New York care of Analyn (see below) and emailed Analyn to expect an order from me.
She responds and thanks me for the business.
Last Sunday, May 3rd, I got a call from Johnny Air Megamall that my package was there. That’s an unbelievable 6 days later. And I only paid Php 1700++ for shipping. No need to deal with bribery and corruption.

Unlike other U.S. shipping services that cost an arm and will bill you separately for five packages from the same company (yes it happened to me), Johnny Air taped my two boxes together and charged me only one bill.
(P.S. I heard they don’t consolidate orders any more, so don’t expect your boxes to be taped. Just saying 🙂

Johnny Air

The Johnny Air guy was friendly pa. He seemed pleased that I got my order, asked what it was and if I would open it there. I said, no na.
I’ve also used the Johnny Air address on eBay orders. I can’t tell you how happy I am we have this, I just had to share.To use Johnny Air’s efficient shipping service, follow the simple instructions below:

Johnny Air instructions
Johnny Air instructions

Hope this helps!

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