James Reid: From Matinee Idol to #BodyOfTheCentury
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By Dinna Vasquez

Before James Reid became part of the Century Tuna family, his fitness inspiration was Derek Ramsay, who is also one of the brand’s endorsers.
“I wanted those abs. I’m thin but I’m not a person with zero fat,” said James, pressing the excess fat on his waistline between two fingers.

James Reid for Century Tuna

James headlines Century Tuna’s latest campaign, where he appears in a series of television commercials. The first TV spot focuses on metamorphosis. The second revolves around the themes of commitment and loyalty.

“James’ story is truly inspiring,” said Greg Banzon, Century Tuna General Manager.
“It speaks of transformation, the relentless desire to improve oneself. It’s a winning formula that brings many positive lessons for everyone: perseverance, keeping the faith, while staying humble and true to yourself—qualities that make James a true role model.”

Greg Banzon of Century Tuna
Greg Banzon speaking at the media launch

Two years ago, James embarked on a fitness journey to gain more confidence befitting one of the country’s top young actors. Regular workouts and a balanced and healthier diet have resulted in a leaner and stronger body.

James Reid for Century Tuna

For the new Century Tuna TV commercial, which served as the #RevelationDay of James’ transformation from matinee idol to Superbod, the actor had a month to work out six times a week.
“There wasn’t much time; I had a month off. Before that, I came from a world tour where I got to work out maybe once a week. The real training for the TVC didn’t start until that one-month break,” said James.

The workouts were 45 minutes long in the beginning. James moved up to 55 minutes. Eventually, it became one and a half hours. His favorite workout is weightlifting.
James didn’t hire a dietitian or nutritionist. Instead he focused on good nutrition. His diet is low-carb (definitely no rice) and always includes a good protein.
“I know my body well enough. I made sure to bring a can or two of Century Tuna in water with me and I would eat that with a salad.”

James Reid for Century Tuna

Before shooting the commercial for Century Tuna, James was in his best shape in 2014 when he did the Cosmo Bachelor Bash. But then he became busy taping for On The Wings Of Love, that he lost time for his workouts.

“I learned from my mistakes and will do better,” said James. “I liken it to a championship game. If you want to win, you naturally want to surround yourself with a teammate you can put your total faith into. That to me is Century Tuna, and I can’t think of any other name that I’d trust to keep my body fit.”

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