Islands Insider premieres this Saturday on NatGeo
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The first travel documentary series on the Philippines premieres on the National Geographic Channel this June 23, 2012 at 8:30 PM. The six-part series showcases travel destinations in the Philippines, as seen by an unobtrusive host (Ginggay Hontiveros) seeking to understand her heritage better.

Ginggay Hontiveros

While the visual appeal of the locations is highlighted by cinematic photography, greater emphasis is placed on the who, what, why and how aspects of a place to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of preservation and conservation.
Tourism destinations are not static, evolving or deteriorating in time, and require intervention and attention to be sustained for future generations.
The show seeks to reveal the cultural and historical bases of the sites, elevate the issues hand in hand with the natural beauty, so that the viewer achieves a more comprehensive appreciation of the national treasures in the Philippines.
The show is presented in semi-documentary form, with interviews and sound bytes from different local characters and experts along with vivid images.

The first six episodes:

BATAD – Walk through the world famous Batad Rice Terraces, nestled high in the mountainous region of the Cordilleras, and immerse in the culture, heritage and tradition of the Ifugao Tribe. The host seeks to understand the symbol of the Bulol and how it is tied to the rich rice growing heritage and landscape of the Ifugao.

Batad Rice Terraces

TAAL – Just a few hours from Metro Manila is Taal Town, which boasts of heritage bahay na bato houses, an immense basilica, the balisong, burda and distinct food and delicacies such as kapeng barako, suman, maliputo and tawilis. Visiting Taal is like stepping back in time.


CORON – Kayak the crystal-clear waters of Palawan and climb soaring limestone crags to catch a view of a secret cove, while seeking a deeper understanding of the Tagbanua Tribe and a handful of present day stewards of this magnificent piece of heaven on earth.


SIQUIJOR – No other place in the Philippines inspires as much dread and fascination as Siquijor—a vast canvas of legends and folklore, healers who utter incantations and perform rituals, remedies taken from roots and herbs, and sorcerers who practice witchcraft.


MT. PULAG/KABAYAN – Trek to the mountains in Benguet : Mt. Timbac where the ancient Ibaloi tribe would carry their dead, and where present day travellers can catch a glimpse of the Mummies. Summit Mt. Pulag and discover how Luzon’s highest peak is related to the Ibaloi’s quest for eternal life.


ANILAO – Submerge in the waters of Anilao in Batangas province, and marvel at the sheer bio diversity of marine life that has grown over the decades thru efforts of locals and resort owners to regenerate the coral reefs in these waters.

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