Isla Sugbu Seafood City brings “sutukil” concept back in style
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What’s sutukil?
To me it sounds like “shoot to kill.”
Sutukil is apparently a restaurant concept popular in Cebu—an abbreviation for sugba (to grill), tuwa (to stew), and kilaw (to cook in vinegar)—all traditional seafood cooking methods loved by Cebuanos.
Sutukil restaurants are normally roadside eateries.

Through the years, however, people lost interest in these restaurants. One of the reasons was overpricing. The pricing was vague and customers were sometimes shocked to see the final amount on their bill.
Another reason was the coming of modern fastfood concepts to Cebu. Younger people preferred these restaurants, where food was cheaper and satisfying.
Other diners found sutukil food too simple. Why pay for food that you can eat at home?

Isla Sugbu Seafood City at Grandcon, Cebu City hopes to offer a dining experience that’s a notch higher than what people are normally used to.
“People in Cebu love seafood. Visitors also like to go to seafood restaurants,” said Winglip Chang, president at 101 Restaurant City Inc., which owns Isla Sugbu Seafood City.


The restaurant, located in the company-owned complex, which also houses other eating establishments called Grandcon, features an open kitchen and a modern market-type concept where customers can choose the seafood and ask the staff to cook it according to their specifications.
Among their specialties: shrimps from Cebu, curacha or red frog crab from Zamboanga, crabs from Samar, diwal or angel wings from Roxas City, mantis shrimp from Leyte, and grouper from Cebu.

Diwal from Roxas City

If you’re allergic to seafood, the restaurant also offers other dishes like skewered pork and inihaw na liempo.
The seafood is fresh and cooked in a way that the natural flavors are preserved instead of smothering them with thick sauces.


For its grand launch, Isla Sugbu Seafood City hosted a cook-off between celebrities Jericho Rosales and Mylene Dizon.
First, Jericho and Mylene choose their ingredients from the restaurant’s “market”


Each worked with a chef and a team of cooking staff to prepare food for 150 people. Each team had to prepare three dishes, one grilled, the other a stew and the third one a ceviche.


Then guests were asked to vote which team’s cooking they liked better and Mylene won the cook-off.


Isa Sugbu Seafood City offers sutukil packages worth Php 1,600, good for four people. Each package includes steamed rice, an appetizer, and a dish of the day.
Package A includes Fish Sugba, Shrimp Tinuwa and Fish Kinilaw.
Package B: Squid Sugba, Shrimp Tinuwa and Fish Kinilaw.
Package C: Fish Sugba, Fish Tinuwa and Shrimp Kinilaw
Package D: Squid Sugba, Fish Tinuwa and Shrimp Kinilaw.

Isla Sugbu Seafood City is located at The Grand Convention Center of Cebu, Archbishop Reyes Avenue, Cebu City.
For reservations, call +63 32 260 8000.
To know more, like Grandcon on Facebook or follow them @TheGrandCon on Twitter and Instagram.

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