Is it Jestoni, or is it me?
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Prior to my blogging about Janine and her boyfriend, I’d never even heard of Danny O’Donoghue or The Script.
But according to my friend Dinna Vasquez, The Script’s frontman looks just like Jestoni Alarcon.

jestoni5 Danny-ODonoghue
L-R: Jestoni Alarcon, Danny O’Donoghue

Legend has it, when German Moreno discovered Jesus Antonio Pineda Alarcon, Kuya Germs had to think of a stage name for the budding actor.
“What do I call you?” Kuya Germs asked Alarcon in Tagalog.
“Tony. Just Tony,” he replied.
“Ah, Jestoni!” Kuya Germs had a eureka moment.
And the rest is history. A star was born!

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