Introducing stylish French living by Gautier
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When I think about French furniture, my visuals usually range from ornate (Louis XIV) to avant-garde (Philippe Starck). That’s why I was surprised to find a French furniture brand that carries practical, modern pieces.
Gautier furniture opened only last year at the Shangri-La Fort Bonifacio.

Gautier Front

What I liked most of all are the children’s beds.
The Majestic bed was designed for up to three children sharing a room. The upper bunk is accessible via stair/shelves. There’s a writing desk and storage cabinet.


A pullout bed can be configured to have another pullout bed or storage space.
What’s more, unlike most loft beds, this pullout bed can be completely rolled out and placed in another part of the room so that the desk is completely free from obstruction.


For kids who like to perform, there’s the Piccadilly bed, which was designed to have a pullout stage and storage drawers. This is one of Gautier’s bestsellers.


For older children, the Dimix bed comes with a pullout study desk and lots of storage space.


Gautier has reimagined children’s bedrooms for more than 50 years.
Since then over five million children and teens have slept in a Gautier bed, said the company in its press kit.

“Entering a Gautier store in just like stepping into a French family’s home. The furniture is meant to be enjoyed with your friends and family everyday and not just admired from afar,” said Katrina Lim, general manager of Gautier Philippines.

The Gautier brand came to the Philippines through the Blims Lifestyle Group, which tapped the French company to provide modern and contemporary furniture to the local market.
A characteristic style of Gautier furniture is the brand’s seamless incorporation of materials like wood, glass and aluminum, sustainably produced in Gautier’s factories in France.

Girl's room

Just like the Blims, Gautier is also a family-owned business.
“It took about two years before we were able to bring Gautier to the Philippines,” said Katrina. “There was a bit of back and forth between our families to make sure there was a right fit, both in terms of business and relationship. We’re lucky and happy to call each other partners now, seeing that we share the same values among our companies.”

Gautier offers furniture for every room of the house, including living rooms, dining rooms, adults’ bedrooms, kids’ rooms, walk-in closets, storage units and much more.
Collections include extendable tables, sectional sofas, sofa beds, beds with storage, and corner closets.

bed frame with storage

The Talmont bed with storage: you can put beddings here, or like me, wrapping paper and hoarded shopping bags.

bed frame with storage

Their pieces are customizeable. The Preface modular shelving units can be made as small as 90cm or over 400cm wide.

Gautier preface configuration in grey oak
Preface configuration in grey oak

A sleek, sliding wardrobe

sliding wardrobe

sliding wardrobe
sliding wardrobe

Sideboards come in small and larger sizes. Modular sofas can also be configured to suit different spaces and customized as you choose from over 300 different fabrics.
Worry not. There are design experts who can help you choose from many swatches.


Check out this modular sofa presented in different fabrics:

Sectional sofa
Sectional sofa

Corner sofa with nifty storage arm rest

Sectional sofa
Sectional sofa

“We offer a wide selection of modular furniture to fit your space. For example, with the Preface shelving collection, the elements come in three heights and two widths that you can mix and match to suit your space. They also come in a wide array of finishes,” said Katrina.

Gautier Preface configuration in light oak
Preface in a lighter finish

For bedrooms, Gautier has the Premium collection, which are bed frames hand upholstered in France. These can be customized from a choice of 15 different finishes.
“We try to keep stock of items here in the Philippines but with the endless configurations possible, we will usually order your furniture from France and should take about three to six months,” said Katrina.

Asked what her favorite pieces are, Katrina mentioned the extendable ceramic tables for their look and functionality. Since the tops of these tables are finished with Porcelanosa ceramic, they are heat- and scratch-resistant.

Ceramic aluminum table with brem chairs

Ceramic aluminum table with brem chairs

Gautier’s new collections include the Addict occasional tables, Graphic kids’ bedroom, Setis tables and Symphonie adult bedroom.
Find them at the Gautier showroom at the shopping center of Shangri-La, Fort Bonifacio.
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