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Like many people, I was excited to see the Mind Museum, hopefully before everyone else does.
I had already bought entrance tickets to the Mind Museum for its opening day (March 16) when I thought of asking my friend Ginggay if she had connections inside. Her mom does, so Ginggay brought a bunch of us in last Saturday for a preview.
The Mind Museum is called the “first world class museum in the Philippines” with over 250 inter-active “minds-on” and hands-on exhibits. Because of the ultra-modern building design (by Architect Ed Calma) and all the people behind it, we had high expectations—we don’t usually see things like these opening in Manila, ever.
But maybe I’m not the market. I never liked science in school, I also got bored with the Singapore Science Centre.
The tickets I paid for on opening day cost me Php 750 each for an unlimited day pass, but after the tour, I felt it was worth only Php 500 tops.
Let me digress for a bit. I was given an Olympus F1.8 camera to test, so all the pictures in this entry were taken by this camera.


Here’s a summary of what we saw: This female voiced-robot will greet you at the entrance, but the voice isn’t robotic at all.


The next thing we saw was this uninteresting giant candy bar with a giant fly on top of it.
Lucky if you can get one of these tour guides to explain everything


There were giant test tubes (don’t know what they’re for).
Actually there were a lot of things there that appeared more decorative than interesting.


Here’s a cilia


Noel was looking at some 3D stuff


Very Ed Calmic, if you ask me


Everyone was taking pictures everywhere and it’s allowed. Thank you security guards for being friendly.


Here comes the cool stuff: a giant T-rex skeleton that looked very realistic


You can climb some stairs for a better view, but the carpeted stairs were falling apart, even before opening date


Apart from the giant T-rex, the star of the show was this giant butanding, where everyone had the same idea of taking a picture with their head inside the mouth (kind of like everyone has the same idea when taking a picture at the Leaning Tower of Pisa)


I really liked the 3-D Periodic Table of Elements


Each capsule had an object inside which had the featured element


Walking through this tunnel


Love the Margielic giant brain with neon lights


Very cool: Electrostatic ball, which makes your hair stand


I’m afraid for my boys’ comments/imagination when they see this evolution of man chuchu


Especially the small creature on the right


This one is so creepy


A very cool hand with Penny (L) and Grace


Ok, I really love this moon. Wish I had one on our roofdeck. Can I buy this?


There’s this enclosed dome you can enter with a starry show inside. You have to take off your shoes when you enter. I did not enter because it smelled of cachichas. May I recommend Air & Odor Management?


I’m glad to say the restrooms are Singapore-standard. How I wish Ed Calma would be hired to fix NAIA.


Toilet paper, complete water closet with cover, and decent trash bin


This beautiful shot reminds me of a scene from Logan’s Run, my favorite ’70s sci-fi movie.


If they would screen movies here, they should show Logan’s Run. Here’s the auditorium


Going up and down the escalator, I realized the Olympus camera has no movie setting, so I guess I’m going back to Canon


Here’s one of my favorite rooms—it’s a function room. It made me wish for an empty room in my house, so I’m gonna get rid of so many things hopefully next week.


There’s a cool X-ray machine that wasn’t working yet. Guess which one’s my bag?


I understand there were many sponsors for this project, I just don’t think it’s necessary to give them a booth. Here’s the American Standard display on the second floor. I certainly hope it’s not a permanent exhibition

Noel's trying to ask Chloe to sit on the toilet

Spotted: Ed Calma checking out the premises.

Ed Calma

He did a really good job design-wise. But the building design and structure are far more superior to the actual features of the museum. For example, the 2nd floor was a complete waste of space. They even had arcade games in there (space filler much?).
I’ll bring my kids back on opening day and see how they like it. Maybe it really is for kids and I expected too much, but most of the adults I spoke to were also underwhelmed.
Well, there’s always room and time for improvement.

To buy advance tickets and know more about the Mind Museum, go to

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Share ko lang yung review ng husband ko =) 

Vince is easy on the criticism, too, kasi we got a preview. Soft launch kumbaga. We like to think Mind Museum will tweak the problems (acoustics!!!) as funds from the entrance fees come in =) But we did enjoy ourselves mostly because our son had a blast =D 


Blas Manny

Hi.  I’m Manny Blas, the Managing Director of The Mind Museum.  Thank you for your comments and observations.  We do appreciate all of them.  Do feel free to contact me at for other suggestions you may have, which we welcome.



 ay sorry ms c,technically challenged kasi ako,i realized too late that it was a link u gave (dumbelle!haha),,thanks so much!!!i’m now on to that site yay!!



i’m guessing,urs is the canvass bag?where did you buy it from?i love it!!!available ba yan here sa pilipinas?thanks!



CVS Reply:

i got it From Japan 🙂



CVS Reply:

I got it From Japan



Wow! Sa Pilipinas pala yan? Astig!



Yaiks, another expensive museum! 600 for a 3-hr pass, and 750 for all day pass!! 🙁

(Buti na lang 150 lang for public school students, at least!)



That scary cavewoman looks like she’s doing her laundry in a prehistoric washing machine… or burying her dead baby!



I got to attend the exhibit testing last year, and the preview this Feb. Unfortunately, yung mga toilet bowls were there from the very beginning — we were asked to rate the sample exhibits then, and the toilet exhibit did not rank on my list, even with my kids. I guess sponsored nga so it still made it here.  The arcade caught me off-guard too, but I guess sponsor din kasi ang TimeZone (?). Buti na lang we got to watch na inside the Space Shell during testing, wala pang amoy, hahaha 🙂 This actual shell here is smaller na… Read more »


Hi, I’m a silent follower of your blog, taking a peek whenever I have the time. I’m just excited to show my niece that she is in three pictures in your most recent post. She and her 2 sisters were there last Saturday, too. She is the one holding the Electrostatic ball and seems to be enjoying it. 🙂 [Reply]CVS Reply:March 4th, 2012 at 7:08 PMplease say hi to Bonggay! [Reply]Aimandanas Reply:March 5th, 2012 at 3:39 PMHi, Ms. Cecille, I’m more excited now that you also know her name. Haha! It’s actually Ponggay. 🙂 I’ve already informed my family too,… Read more »