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Having lived and studied in New York are probably why I love following shows like NYC Prep, Real Housewives of New York City, and Kell On Earth.
Though it’s sad these shows are all done with, it’s a good thing Gossip Girl is still around.
From the first episode, Nate Archibald, played by Chace Crawford, was really my type.

Chace Crawford

I liked him so much, I bid and won a messenger bag signed by Chace for charity.

Chace Crawford charity
Bag by Chace Crawford

Other times, I liked Dan Humphrey and lost interest. Then I shifted to his father, Rufus Humphrey, and lost interest.
Chuck Bass was the only one I didn’t like—until he got lost in Prague and fell in love with Eva, a mysterious woman who nurses him back to health after he was shot and left for dead.


Being heir of the Bass empire, Chuck never wanted Eva to know who he was, until he decided to go back to New York with her on his private plane.
When Eva mentioned the need to pack her things and passport, that was when Chuck uttered the famous line: “We don’t need passports. I’m Chuck Bass.”

It was the one line that made me fall for Chuck.
So when Penshoppe announced that Chuck Bass a.k.a. British actor Ed Westwick was coming to town to shoot their new ad campaign, my friends and I collectively swooned.


Once we confirmed our invites to a press conference at the Peninsula Manila’s Salon de Ning, my friends and I scrambled to get our hair, makeup and outfits planned.
Len, Grace and Keri went to Lourd Ramos’s new salon, Creations at Glorietta 5.

Len, Grace, Keri

Two days before I got a volume rebond at Park Jun’s salon.
Then Bobby Carlos did my makeup at home.

Bobby Carlos

All for the love of Chuck.

Last Thursday, Jay and Pia met me at home. At 6:30 PM, I got a message from Kevin that no phones or cameras were allowed at the venue.
Since Pia and I refused to part with our electronic devices, we made a Ninja plan to go to Mercury Drug and buy sanitary pads to conceal our gadgets.

Pia Magalona at Mercury Drug

And that is why we were late. The press con had already begun when we arrived at 7:30.
Traffic was so bad going to the Pen that we got ourselves dropped off on Ayala Avenue and ran the rest of the way.
We found a room full of swooning fans, poised, behaved and in awe of Ed Westwick, who was so charming, maamo—all the nice things in a guy—with perfect skin and a British accent Mich Dulce would love.

DSC_9036 copy

Though it was standing room only when we got there, I was lucky to find a spot where I could see him perfectly.
I didn’t have a plan to ask any question, I really just wanted to be there and bask in his presence.
The press con was almost over as Ed had to catch a plane back to New York that same night.
My friend Jay was forcing me to say something, ask a question and I said no. But Jay wouldn’t stop. He whispered something to Ed’s handler, Joyce Ramirez.
Next thing, I heard Sarah Meier saying my name and handing me the microphone. All eyes were on me and I froze.

“I don’t really have a question,” I began. I felt like Hugh Grant from Horse & Hound magazine in the movie Notting Hill.
Then I mumbled: “I just really wanted to hear you say, ‘We don’t need passports. I’m Chuck Bass.”

Ed kind of laughed and thanked me for giving him the easiest task of the day, then he switched into character, looked at me and said, “We don’t need passports. I’m Chuck Bass.”

That was it. The whole room screamed and sighed.
I love Chuck Bass!!!
My world spun at that moment. They had a toast, they gave him a jacket, and then he was gone.

My friends and I stayed a little longer and out came the hidden cameras and BlackBerries.
Our favorite paparazzi, Magic Liwanag, spotted us in a corner and took this photo.

La Familia Zaragoza by Magic Liwanag
From L-R: Kerin, Keri, Len, Kevin, Pia, Grace, me, Carlo, Jay, Alexei

Grace calls this shot “La Familia Zaragoza.”
We had an amazing time. We were in Chuck heaven. As Quark Henares would say, “It’s a magic!”
Thank you so much for having us.

P.S. I just found out the correct line is, “We don’t need tickets. I’m Chuck Bass.” To which I tell you, I am really Hugh Grant from Horse & Hound. Award talaga. But Ed is such a gentleman/actor he just said it anyway. So thanks to that. Dinadama kita, Chuck Bass!!

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