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Four years ago I stuck these Detoxx plasters on my feet and I remember feeling like a truck ran over me the next day.
I also lost two pounds overnight.

Toxins under my foot

Last night I found a box of Detoxx pads while cleaning my side table and decided to put them on, knowing that some people say the product is a sham.

Detoxx pads

My legs started to ache and feel warm. I had to sleep pant-less. I even had a dream about having difficulty climbing stairs because my legs just felt so heavy. I woke up feeling OK, but this afternoon I started feeling dizzy and couldn’t think why.
Then I remembered the Detoxx pads. I did not lose 2 lbs. unfortunately. I would like to put them on again to see what happens, but tomorrow is a busy day and I need my energy.

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