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I had a mission to buy shoes and a bag while in Singapore, and I got those and more. Not bad for only two days of shopping. I got three pairs of shoes and finally, the PS Selma chair I’ve been eyeing for years in Ikea.

Ikea chair

I love this chair because it comes with “pages” of printed graphic cushions.
You can adjust the seat to the height or print you want. This was the Hong Kong price (HK$2,990 = Php 16,300)

Nice Ikea chair

The New York price (US$349 = Php 14,800)

ICFF 09: IKEA PS Collection

In Singapore it cost SG$399 (Php 17,000, but with the GST refund, maybe the same as HK price).
It took me a while to buy the chair (about six different trips) because I was afraid of its size and 18-kg. weight. Turns out the box wasn’t as big as I thought. Ana helped me tie it.


I was able to check it in the plane earlier (no overweight, so yay!!).
Another thing I really wanted was the Nightingale trolley by Givenchy.
For a few years now I’ve been using the same Chanel trolley and lamenting that you once you put your laptop in, you can’t really put a whole lot of things inside.

I love my closet

I love bags with wheels. This is the trolley on Rachel Bilson


Then the Givenchy trolley came out, and thought hey that looks cute, though it looks a little big and heavy


But not on Blake Lively


It took me two trips to Singapore to decide that I need it, so my Dad got me one and it fits in the overhead compartment! Yay!

Nightingale trolley

So yes the trip was a success and I’m glad to be back.

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