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At noon, we left the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel to move to the Four Seasons in Central.
The drive took about 35 minutes. When we got here the rooms weren’t ready so we took the subway to Times Square to eat.
From there, the boys went to Ocean Park, while I went to the wastelands of City Super and Sogo—too many people.
For some reason I don’t feel like shopping so much.
Yesterday Cedric and I were talking about all the clothes we haven’t worn from past trips to Hong Kong. And so, I won’t force myself to shop on this trip. It is, after all, Good Friday.
In Causeway, I went to the Wun Ying Gallery of Carrie Chau but couldn’t find a new thing to buy as I have most of her merchandise (a lot of them unused).

Wun Ying Gallery
Wun Ying Gallery
Wun Ying gallery

My favorite things are the Carrie Chau Octopus charms you can use on the subway or convenience stores.


I got a text from Jeroen that Ocean Park was done, so I headed back to the hotel where the rooms were ready.
And here I am now.

Four Seasons HK

I can’t tell you how lovely this room is, my camera cannot capture it. I don’t want to leave.
The bathroom alone is a religious experience. Again, my camera isn’t good enough.

Four Seasons HK
Four Seasons HK
Four Seasons HK

I love my closet, which is separate from Jeroen’s closet. So much storage space here.

I love my closet

Here’s the kids’ room


And their treats

Welcome treats for the boys

The internet here is wireless and much cheaper than Hong Kong Disney. They gave me two options—slow or fast internet. I wanted to save money so I chose slow internet. Here’s the speed.

Four Seasons HK Speedtest

I’m having a migraine now either due to heat, hunger, old age, or all of the above, so I’m gonna take a very luxurious nap.
I love this bed.

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