I think they renovated (but I’m not sure)
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Yesterday I made sure to check out the restrooms at the arrival area of NAIA, Terminal 1.
The floor and wall panels certainly look “new”


Even though it has that old Japanese retro feel, kind of like those really old ’70s restrooms you can find in parts of Tokyo.
Somebody bothered to put plants. I’m not sure all of them are real.
Note the scary, retro lavatory and fixtures with left and right faucets, as if they didn’t know that more hygienic, hands-free, automatic sensor faucets exist.


This was inside the toilet stall, yes somebody bothered to decorate


Sad to say the toilet bowl is still retro (no offence to retro)


Tapos, walang tubig. See that giant blue, cracked drum of water there? The restroom attendant scoops water after each toilet use and flushes the toilet manually kasi no running water.
In fairness, she really did manage to keep the restroom odor-free. I really wish she had a fishbowl for tips because she really deserved to be rewarded for her efforts. That girl is waiting for her turn to use the toilet.


NAIA, when are you going to fix it?

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