I take pictures of photogs
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I find photographers interesting subjects, because of how they look, what they wear, and the cameras they use.
Most of them are comfortable in front of the camera as well as behind.
I was inspired to make this post after my favorite paparazzi, Magic Liwanag, tweeted this tonight:

Luckily, Magic Liwanag is in my archives. This was Magic at a BlackBerry event in 2011.

THE Magic Liwanag

Others in my files: Mark Nicdao at a L’Oreal event, 2008

Mark Nicdao

Jujiin Samonte working at a Kira Plastinina opening, 2009


Alex van Hagen at Plain & Prints, 2011

Alex van Hagen

Soon-to-be wed Ryan Vergara and Garovs Garovillo at Bleach Catastrophe, 2010

Ryan & Garovs

Daniel Tan at Watsons, 2010

Daniel Tan

Niña Sandejas at Al Gore/SMX, 2010

Niña Sandejas

Steve Tirona at Motorola, 2007

Steve Tirona

Jo Ann Bitagcol at Healthway, 2009

JoAnn at the clinic

Raymund Isaac at his studio, 2007

Raymund Isaac

BJ Pascual at Bleach Catastrophe, 2009

BJ Pascual

Eddie Boy Escudero at Cubao X, 2008

Eddieboy Escudero

Raymond Fortun at a wedding, 2009

Atty. Fortun

Bill Cunningham in New York, 1992

Bill Cunningham, c. 1992

and late, great Francis M at Pepper Lunch Rockwell 2008

Francis M

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