I survived BodyTite, Part 1
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You may have heard of BodyTite from the Belo procedure endorsed by Ruffa Gutierrez. You can read about it here.

Ruffa Gutierrez for Belo BodyTite

I had BodyTite on my arms yesterday and tonight I am typing and have no pain.
The only thing I have are sanitary pads taped to my elbows and underarms. I feel a little swollen but overall doing really well.
I’ve always had a thing about my arms, I guess because I grew up seeing my grandma’s arms (she was German-American with red hair and blue eyes), bless her (she is on the right).


So even when I was skinny I was just aware that I had big arms, and frankly, scared it could only get bigger.


Polaroid, 1999

2001 with my newborn (body went downhill from there)

Looking at the baby

2005 (with Ben)

Ben and I

2009 (self-portrait with cropped arms, but you can see the girth)

Me at Xocolat

A lot of people tell me, “but you’re so skinny” or they never knew I had big arms. I do. I’m just really good at deception dressing, hence the 3/4 sleeve tees, blazers, cardigans and giant sweaters. But underneath all that, is what my friend Jude calls my “dolman” arms.

Andre and I

How many times have I vowed to exercise my arms. I have two or three pairs of dumbbells at home but they are hardly used. So having skinny arms (like Ruffa, who was born with it) would always be a dream for me.
So one day I was texting Dr. Vicki Belo about a relative of mine who did lipotomy with another doctor that I stopped going to for reasons that shall not be blogged. I was amazed that it worked because her upper arms were bigger than mine. My relative did say it was more painful than childbirth and did not recommend it to me, knowing my threshold for pain.
Dr. Belo then talked to me about BodyTite, which is a new technology/skin tightening procedure combined with liposuction.
So yes it is invasive, and yes there was blood. Lots of it.
Before I decided to do BodyTite I tweeted Ruffa about. Privately she messaged me to go ahead and do it.
I went to see Dr. Belo at her Greenhills clinic. I could no longer avoid because she made sure somebody followed up my appointment.
I had a short list of questions, the first one was, “Will I die?” Because I do not want to die because of vanity.
She told me all about the difference between lipo now and lipo before, how technology has advanced through the years made things safe, less invasive, etc. And of course she explained the whole process, what to expect and all that.
The thing is, there is Vicki Belo, the socialite you see in parties, magazines and talk to in casual situations—and then there is Dr. Vicki Belo in a white doctor’s jacket who sounds like she knows exactly what she’s doing.
I left with a long list of medical tests I had to accomplish before being cleared for the procedure.
(to be continued)

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