I need an expert opinion on a bad dream
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I just woke up from a bad dream and I need your opinion.
It was 2 PM and our yaya and I were in Alabang, starving. We decided to stop at an inasal restaurant to buy food but the place was filthy.
We were led to a dirty table.
I told him, I can’t sit there. It’s filthy.
Yaya and I walked around to look for a cleaner spot but all the tables were filthy and covered with liquid, soda spills, etc.

As a restaurant owner I really hate seeing dirty tables and idle waiters. So I screamed and lost it.
I was so mad, I threw a ball that hit a grocery cart which started to move. A car avoided it and crashed into another car.
I thought of escaping with my yaya, but I knew it was wrong. So I stayed until the police questioned me.
Unfortunately I woke up before the lawyer could tell me what the settlement was.
Can anyone guess how much the settlement should be? Nobody died or was hurt, but two cars were damaged, both small. One was an old rickety model, and one was brand new, similar to these:


Thank you for any expert opinion.

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